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“Roxiny Champions Survivors of Sexual Abuse in New Video for ‘Golden Prophet’”

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“Sweet, sweet liberation.”


“As exultant as if she was greeting the dawn after a long period of darkness.”

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“Astonishingly powerful.”

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“The cathartic force of ‘9 Months’ reverberates through the song’s chorus as Roxiny reaches for higher notes singing, ‘You gotta keep her in the sun, keep her in the sun / You had me buried, buried alive nine months.’ Roxiny plans to continue creating music in this vein of personal freedom and empowerment. ‘9 Months’ is the first song that will appear on her EP ‘RITUALS’ (expected early 2018)” 


“The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter chronicles a toxic relationship on her latest single, her achy vocal delivery creating a raw, visceral atmosphere emotionally compounded by a soft rainfall of dark synths and bassy reverb.”


“Roxiny wears her heart on her sleeve—or rather, on her sleeveless denim vest. It’s covered in trinkets and memorabilia, and each represents a special moment or milestone. Unsurprisingly, the Dominican-born artist addresses her music in a similar fashion: open-hearted, personal, and just about as intimate as they come, her debut solo single “9 Months” proves a perfect example of her preferred practice.“9 Months” is lyrically intense—some might even say dark, or at least moody—but sonically, it’s got a punchy beat that keeps your head bobbing long after the track comes to an end. And if it’s any clue as to what’s coming next from Roxiny, we’re in for a serious treat.”


“You had me buried/buried alive/nine months,” the artist charges an abusive ex. But Roxiny has triumphantly clawed her way out of the hole that relationship dug her into, and you can hear it in the booming bass drum that builds to an incessant crescendo as the singer wails out the toxicity of her past. Outside of her music the fight against injustice continues; Roxiny also leads music workshops for GEMS, an organization that supports victims of sex trafficking.”


“In her debut single “9 Months“, Brooklyn singer Roxiny builds an immersive story which speaks to the besetment of destructive relationships. Included in her forthcoming EP, Rituals, the track develops a climactic build-up through heavy percussion that surrounds the steady dream-pop synth and droning guitar chords, pulling in the listener until the end of this emotional and loaded four minutes. Featuring the singer’s intense and full vocals, which have earned her collaborations with Sleigh Bells and Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio), the single stands as a personal message from the young artist, who is an advocate for women’s rights and victims of abuse and injustice,”

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“Recently, crooners Roxiny and Tunde Adebimpe starred in the brand-new the video “Phoenix,” a song off the documentary’s soundtrack. Here, Roxiny and Adebimpe sing of redemption and life after death as clips of crystal clear photos — and scenes from the film — flash across the screen. “Phoenix,” like the Shan Nicholson-directed documentary, is both gripping and inspiring.”


“Roxiny sounds a little like early Santigold which is to say, amazing” 

(Review of  Rubble Kings soundtrack)

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“The driving, electric anthem evokes the smoke, static and chaos of the rivalries that form the foundation of the film. Roxiny and Adebimpe float above the fray with a powerful message of resilience that peeks through the shadows, past the dog-eared edges of the iconic photography that captures the salad days of the real life Rubble Kings.”


“Little Shalimar produced the soundtrack for Rubble Kings — a documentary about Bronx gangs in the ’70s — and today he’s sharing his contribution to the film, following Run The Jewels’ “Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)” from earlier this year. It’s called “Phoenix” and features TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe and Dominican singer Roxiny.”